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Welcome to Good Seed Organic Farm’s web gathering place!

Sign-ups for our Fall/Winter 2014/15 vegetable subscription programs are now open!  Go to the pull down menu above to register your membership!  Returning spring/summer members, click on the "Returning Member" button to activate the link to your discount!

We have desired for years to be involved directly in California agriculture again, but never imagined we might be able to grow vegetables for our friends and family!  The vision for the Good Seed Organic Farm had been quietly dormant until the right set of circumstances came together in late 2010 to allow the idea to germinate.

We're excited to be planting for our fourth year!  We're a lot smarter, our soil is richer, and we have a wonderful core of supporting members who have been a tremendous encouragment to us.  This year we'll have the opportunity to spend a little less time and energy on structural improvements and more on the actual farming part of the work.

Our goal is to provide our subscription members with seasonally ripe, nutritious, organically grown vegetables at a value to fit the budget.  The subscription concept is described in detail on the pull-down menu above.  Take some time browsing our web pages to get better acquainted with us.

We covet your support, prayers, and suggestions to make our service to you more useful and meaningful during the season and years to come!  Please come by and visit us at the farm any time.


Wet, wet, wet! Love, love, love!

December 13th, 2014

Dear Members:   We thoroughly loved every drop of rain that fell on us this week!  We received 1.41" for the storm.  That will soak down almost 1.5 feet deep in our clay-loam soil. &nbs

Water, food, and air out in the country

December 6th, 2014

Dear Members:   There are three things city folks are clueless about that we small town country folk understand.  We know where our water comes from and that we have to conserve it; we know

All the EDBDBirdDFeet are gone!

November 29th, 2014

Dear Members:   If you are from Arkansas, you can figure out the message in the subject line.  (All the itty bitty birdy feet are gone!)  The chickens are done.  If you contacted m


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